First issue online

February 7, 2013.

The first new issue of the e-journal Scientia (International Review of Scientific Synthesis) is being published online, 25 years after the historical, eclectic and multilingual review with the same title Scientia (Rivista di Scienza), founded in 1907, ceased publication in 1988.

This e-journal intends to be a tribute the the old, historical review Scientia. In an attempt to preserve an ideal continuity with the spirit of the old journal (whose last volume was no.123), the number assigned to the first volume of this e-journal is 124.

Each incoming article is published after it is accepted, so the current issue will require weeks or a few months to be completed.

Publication frequency is currently six-monthly, but it will be likely to change to four, three or two-monthly.

There is no distinction between an issue and a volume of Scientia: each issue is a volume. Other information can be found in the section About.

La Redazione di Scientia.

SCIENTIA International Identifiers: ISSN: 2282-2119 . DOI prefix: 10.12969 . EAN: 977-2282-211-00-9 . Handle (hdl) prefix: 11167

Scientia ISSN code - Fax: +039 050 7620351